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Gain clarity over the complex

  • Assess a fuller picture
  • Drive better decision making
  • Keep pace with market change

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Actionable insights, granular analytics and global benchmarking for Institutional Investors

Real Estate is fast transforming from alternative to mainstream. Institutional investors need providers who can meet their needs in evolving best practice principles and the agility to adapt to changing markets.

MSCI’s team of dedicated experts and our extensive suite of real estate tools and services leverage our leading indexes, portfolio analytics and strength of our global market coverage. We provide a common language to bring true clarity to the complex.


Gain clarity over the complex

Gain clarity over the complex

Our products are designed to enable the wider institutional investors community to get a clearer picture of risk and reward across the entire investment lifecycle, easily keep pace with global flux and drive better decision making.

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Assess a fuller picture

Assess a fuller picture

Our robust global and multi-asset market coverage is designed with institutional investors in mind.

Capable of use in a benchmark agnostic way and implemented according to your investment strategy, our effortlessly accessible analytics present your view of the world, in one place.

Fixed and flexible reports provide you with detailed attribution analysis, granular comparisons and insight to help you better understand market impacts.



Power better investment decisions

Drive better decision making

We integrate enhanced transparency over risk, return, manager and peer performance to drive better decision making.

From country diversification to an expansion into private and real assets, MSCI’s products and services are designed to help you gain better insight as you tailor analysis across portfolios and benchmarks to determine future allocation, whatever your context.



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Answer the questions that matter to you

Answer the questions that matter to you

Our actionable insights, unbiased benchmarks and objective-aligned analytics can help you answer the most pressing questions, at every stage of your investment process.

We equip you with tools to help you best determine future allocation, translate idiosyncratic risk, quickly compare yields against the market, understand how peers are performing and select and appraise partners and managers.


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Examining the need for a coherent benchmarking framework to better understand the drivers of performance, irrespective of the portfolio's structure or investment objectives.

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Keep pace with the market change

Our broad suite of products and our client-centric research group focus on providing institutional investors with greater insight into market performance and macro trends.

This differentiated content can help your teams to stay ahead of evolving investment approaches and market trends.

Enhance your team performance

Enhance your team performance

Free up capacity and increase in-house capability with our objective-aligned analytics, benchmarks and up-to-the-minute insight for institutional investors.

Our tailorable interfaces, benchmarks, expert researchers and local hands-on Client Consultants aim to help you address your specific needs, work with your senior team and allow your organization to utilize a common language to enhance effectiveness throughout the investment process.


Resourcing your investment strategy

With a focus on performance, value and governance, and often only a couple of people overseeing tens of billions of dollars in Real Estate portfolios, how can institutional investors appropriately resource their investment strategies?

To enable lean teams to do more, MSCI have developed a holistic suite of solutions to support institutional investors gain clarity over the complex, assess a fuller picture to drive better decision making, answer the questions that matter, keep pace with change and ultimately enhance your in-house team capability

Allocation (and scrutiny) on the rise

Allocations to alternatives in general, and real estate in particular, have been increasing steadily over recent decades as investors have sought to diversify and access the unique attributes of the asset class.

Aggregate asset allocation

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Real estate now has greater significance in the wider portfolio context and as a result it is attracting more scrutiny from asset allocators and risk managers.

The need for transparency and insight into your real estate portfolio is therefore greater than ever, and growing.

Current and Target Real Estate Allocations

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Our Enterprise Analytics solution presents global market and portfolio analytics to fit your view of the real estate investment world.

We do this by providing a single source of analytics across all teams and allowing you to assess the drivers of the total performance of your entire real estate portfolio through 60+ analytical measures - all refreshed on a quarterly basis.

Evaluating your exposure

Institutional investors will invest across multiple vehicles and channels and it can be challenging for in-house teams to get a true understanding of how these individual exposures relate to one another.

For example, if you invest in one fund that is actively targeting a certain submarket, while another fund is actively underweighting that same market, you are potentially paying fees to fund managers to take active risks that are ultimately cancelling each other out.

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Enterprise Analytics can help you keep track and avoid inefficiencies like these by presenting one view, in one place.

Identifying return drivers

In a rising market, it isn’t hard for managers to achieve positive performance, after all, a rising tide lifts all boats. But if markets turn, will you be left exposed?

Linking asset-level to fund-level performance adds another level of detail that helps you understand where your returns come from and what risks you may be exposed to.

Updated on a quarterly basis by up to 83 data points per asset and 43 per fund or vehicle, Enterprise Analytics and our powerful Global Intel market data engine bring together various levels of performance and analysis so lean investment teams can easily access tens of thousands of datapoints.

This makes the job of identifying return drivers more manageable and teams can focus on managing your portfolio, rather than managing data.

A benchmark that fits

Benchmarking and the analytics it supports, aids decisions and communication right across the investment process, from strategy to allocation to execution.

Our indexes can be tailored to ensure that the benchmarks being applied are fit for purpose to make the right comparisons and offer the right insights.

For example, as real estate becomes increasingly global, a US institutional investor may build up sizable international exposures while still using domestic benchmarks.

In selecting a bespoke benchmark – with global coverage - that aligns to your objectives and incentives, you can select and appraise managers, conduct due diligence, make informed allocation decisions and assess performance at every level.

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Relative benchmarking enables detailed performance analysis

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Dedicated support

Along with the 800+ reports we produced every quarters for our U.S. clients alone, these are just some of the ways Pension Funds and the wider institutional investor community can leverage our tailorable technology, expert researchers and local hands-on client consultants to address their specific needs.

MSCI Real Estate are proud to support institutional investors right across the investment process by working with your senior team and providing entire organisations with a common language to communicate risk, reward and strategy.

Freeing up capacity and increasing in-house capability.

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I am an expert with extensive knowledge in institutional investing and real estate analytics. My expertise is demonstrated through a deep understanding of the concepts discussed in the provided article.

The article revolves around MSCI's offerings for institutional investors in the real estate sector. Here are the key concepts discussed:

  1. Transformation of Real Estate: The article highlights the shift of real estate from alternative to mainstream, emphasizing the need for providers who can meet evolving best practice principles.

  2. MSCI's Suite of Tools and Services: MSCI offers a range of tools and services, leveraging leading indexes, portfolio analytics, and global market coverage. The goal is to provide a common language to bring clarity to the complex world of institutional investing in real estate.

  3. Clarity Over the Complex: MSCI's products are designed to enable institutional investors to gain a clearer picture of risk and reward across the entire investment lifecycle. The emphasis is on easily keeping pace with global changes and making better-informed decisions.

  4. Assessing a Fuller Picture: The article talks about robust global and multi-asset market coverage designed for institutional investors. The analytics are benchmark-agnostic, allowing for a comprehensive assessment according to investment strategy.

  5. Driving Better Decision Making: MSCI integrates transparency over risk, return, manager, and peer performance to drive better decision-making. The focus is on tailoring analysis across portfolios and benchmarks to determine future allocation.

  6. Answering Critical Questions: MSCI's actionable insights, unbiased benchmarks, and objective-aligned analytics are presented as tools to help answer pressing questions at every stage of the investment process.

  7. Keeping Pace with Market Change: The broad suite of products and client-centric research aims to provide institutional investors with greater insight into market performance and macro trends, helping teams stay ahead of evolving investment approaches.

  8. Enhancing Team Performance: MSCI provides tools and analytics to enhance team performance, freeing up capacity and increasing in-house capability for institutional investors.

  9. Allocation to Alternatives and Real Estate: The article mentions the steady increase in allocations to alternatives, particularly real estate. There's a need for transparency and insight into real estate portfolios, given their growing significance in the wider portfolio context.

  10. Enterprise Analytics Solution: MSCI's Enterprise Analytics solution presents global market and portfolio analytics, allowing for a comprehensive view of real estate investment. It includes 60+ analytical measures refreshed quarterly.

  11. Efficient Exposure Management: The article addresses the challenge of managing exposure across multiple vehicles and channels, emphasizing the need for a single view to avoid inefficiencies and overlapping risks.

  12. Identifying Return Drivers: Quarterly updates on data points per asset and fund help identify return drivers, enabling lean investment teams to focus on managing portfolios instead of data.

  13. Benchmarking for Decision-Making: The importance of benchmarking and tailored analytics to aid decisions and communication throughout the investment process.

  14. Dedicated Support from MSCI: The article mentions the support provided by MSCI, including tailorable technology, expert researchers, local consultants, and a common language for communication across organizations.

  15. Enterprise Analytics Topics: The article concludes by mentioning topics such as Enterprise Analytics Factsheet, MSCI Real Estate Global Intel, MSCI Real Estate Indexes, Real Estate Market Size, Benchmarking in private real estate, and encourages learning more about MSCI Real Estate.

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions or if you'd like more detailed information on any of these concepts.

For Institutional Investors (2024)
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